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Speaking & Workshops

An engaging speaker with leadership insights for team managers, Zack has spoken at public events, conferences, and leadership summits. Whether delivering a keynote presentation or facilitating a leadership workshop, Zack creates a collaborative and encouraging space that promotes learning and provides actionable takeaways. Zack has worked with leaders from companies of all sizes, from the world's largest corporations to locally-owned businesses. Here are some examples of Zack's previous presentations.

Image by Markus Spiske

Leadership vs. Management

Leadership and management are not interchangeable terms, this session explores the fundamental difference between the two and why they matter. Throughout the presentation, leaders will think about their own practices and discover new ways of serving their teams.


The Leadership vs. Management session provides attendees with new perspectives, helpful examples, and new tools they can use to elevate their personal leadership style. Schedule this session to strengthen your personal leadership style or bring Zack in to your office to talk with your entire leadership team.

Image by Jon Tyson

What would you do?

In this session, Zack walks the audience through a series of case studies, one step at a time, to showcase real-world situations and how leadership responded to them. Attendees are challenged to think critically about how they would handle the situation as each piece of the story is revealed. Throughout this session, the audience learns to use root-causes analysis to uncover the heart of the issue and address the most important aspects of the situation first in order to deliver long-lasting change.


The What Would You Do session elevates an audience's thinking and equips attendees with new tools for taking a critical look at how they're approaching their most pressing challenges. Schedule Zack to deliver this presentation and discover how hand-wringing uncertainties can become eye-opening discoveries.

Image by Nicholas Kwok

Leadership Insights
for Early Professionals

"I wish someone has told me this earlier" is a phrase expressed by leaders of all levels. In this session, Zack shares learned-truths from executives, directors, and entrepreneurs alike.


The Leadership Truths session gives young professionals a leg up on what it means to live their personal brand, respect differences, and build a legacy established on trust. Book this session to help the next generation of leaders be more prepared to strategically pursue their professional goals.

*This session is best delivered to college audiences, especially to those seeking professional business positions or leadership roles.

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