Zack Gallinger-Long

Save Time By Grouping Browser Tabs

Does this image look familiar? Tons of open browser tabs and no way to remember which one you meant to get to next? Fear not, a solution has arrived...and it's great for project managers!

Workona ( is a free tool that allows you to group browser tabs by project. You can pre-set all your most common browser tabs for any given project you’re working on and return to them at any time. I've found it to be a wonderfully organized approach to using my Chrome browser on a daily basis and I consider it my OS for web work.

In addition to being a great time-saver, Workona saves on your computer's memory since your tabs remain suspended until needed. Tabs are only loaded into your computer’s memory when you click on them. Suspended tabs are essentially just pretending to be there and barely increase memory usage no matter how many you have open.

To help demonstrate the value this tool provides, I’ve listed the types of tabs I keep open for each of my projects:

  • Primary project management tool

  • CRM platform

  • Website editing tool

  • Main project website (for checking updates when they go live)

  • Primary data and analytics visualization dashboard

  • Google Drive parent folder for the project

  • Countdown timer

That's right, (7 tabs per project) x (3-4 simultaneous projects) = 21-28 tabs that are now neatly organized and all available whenever I need them!

I can't recommend Workona highly enough, especially for project managers. It takes most users about 30 minutes to get setup and organized in the tool and you can expect to earn that time back within a matter of days as you effortlessly switch between projects.

As always, I'd love to hear about any other productivity tools you're using. Please share your best recommendations with me on LinkedIn!

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