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Podcast Prep

Before we meet, let's review some important points...
  • Joining the call. Set aside 30 minutes in a quiet place. If possible, use a PC to connect on Zencaster (no software install required) this will allow for premium audio quality. If no PC is available, it's okay, we can work with your cell phone's audio.

  • Take your time. We are not live, we can always cut things out but we cannot add interesting content back in. I won't be airing our entire conversation, I'll only use the main points from our chat. Please be as detailed and open as possible with your answers.​

  • Let's just talk. My goal is to learn about you as a person through conversation. This is not a structured interview where you deliver a canned response. There are no wrong answers, just speak from the heart and let the story come out through an authentic discussion.

  • Non-chronological order is okay. I'll come with a list of questions but we do not have to stick to them. Please share any information that you think will add to the story.

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