• Strategic planner with strong entrepreneurial and business acumen; skilled at coaching, developing, and leading high-performing teams in rapidly changing environments.

  • Skilled communicator, capable of quickly understanding complex business challenges and opportunities for improvement across an organization.

  • Natural problem solver, adept at applying logic and creativity to design efficient solutions.

  • Trusted advisor in team leadership, project management, operational excellence, and strategic planning.

Having worked in public corporations, private companies, and non-profit organizations, Zack possess a breadth of knowledge in a variety of industries. His passion for consulting stems from his experience in project management, team leadership, and process improvement, all with the common thread of helping people and organizations maximize their potential...

…my apologies for the interruption here. While my “official” bio continues below and is full of the requisite, self-aggrandizing, third-person references to my accolades, please allow me to tell you a little more about who I am personally. I’m a dad, a husband, and a mentor who is passionate about leadership, productivity, and professional development. But how did I get here? 

In my teenage years, you would have found me listening to speakers such as Zig Ziglar or Brian Tracy while consuming literary classics such as Eat That Frog and Good to Great. It's resources like these that sparked my passion for efficiency and leadership at a young age and ultimately provided me with a foundation for success that I eventually build my career on. I'm proud of the professional progress I've made so far but I'm also very excited with how much more there is yet to learn. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with other motivated professionals and continuing to learn from those who can challenge me as I continue to grow. Now, back to our regularly scheduled program...

...over his career, Zack has been recognized as Newsmaker of the Year by the Portland Royal Rosarians, he was also a recipient of the People's Choice Award during his time at VTM, and he has made several television appearances related to his philanthropic work.

In his spare time, Zack lends his skills to veteran-focused organizations such as Veterans at Gartner where he served as the Strategy & Operations Lead. He also co-founded Veterans Memorial Park, and was appointed by Oregon's Governor to serve as Chairman of the Task Force on Military Families.


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