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Zack Gallinger-Long

Management Consultant

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Association of Talent Development (grey)
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Libbi Rice
Human Resource Professional,
People Manager, Training & Development

Zack has a never-ending supply of ideas, and the essential ability to develop those ideas into actions. He brings energy, dedication, and improvement to any project or company he works with. Zack also inspires those around him to achieve more, making him extremely beneficial to any company.

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Zachary Wirfs
Program Manager
United States Space Force

Zack is extremely hard working and diligent in everything he does. Based on his persistence, punctuality, reliable and diligent work ethics, I would recommend that any professional endeavor would benefit from his work and input.

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Kelly Lee
Content Advisor
Evanta, a Gartner Company

Zack is driven by the ‘why’ behind tasks and is continuously looking for pain points to remedy and processes to streamline. He provides a safe space for brainstorming innovative ideas and fosters a collaborative team environment where employees feel comfortable bringing up problems.


Zack is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of leaders. From college lecture halls to youth leadership conferences, Zack brings a valuable and impactful message for leaders of all ages.

Conference presentation

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